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The face you almost always see when you walk through the doors at Extreme Fitness, that's Jason! Jason believes to own and operate a successful business, you need to have your feet firmly planted in that business! Jason sees Extreme Fitness and CF 157 through the eyes of a Gym Enthusiast and Fitness Professional, because he is one. Fitness is his passion and Jason wants to give his members exactly what he would expect! Jason believes you don't have to be the biggest operation in town, but you have to provide the best. From a modern and clean facility, state of the art equipment, to customer service, its all important to the entire Weatherford Family!

If you know Jason, then you recognize he is obsessive about cleanliness and making sure everything is right for Extreme Members! You will never find yourself complaining for weeks or months on end about broken equipment, unkept locker rooms or showers, it's just not how Jason was raised. That being said, when you're working out you'll often see Jason cleaning, stocking the vending machines, and wiping down equipment! If you miss Jason doing it, then you'll see his Mom (Mrs. Martha Weatherford) making sure everything is perfect. She has an eye for perfection and excellence that serves us all well! 

Jason and his wife (Misty) have built two successful and long standing businesses in Florence, and did it with the philosophy, "treat people well and value their business". Jason and his wife work side by side every single day and their partnership has proven to serve our community well. 

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