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"We Are Live"!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

That's right, our website went "LIVE" this week! A custom website with features tailored to assist our members, accept feedback, share testimonials and success stories, build an online community, provide a calendar of events, blast coupons, provide virtual workouts, share discounts, and the list goes on....this is what our website does.

We have wanted a custom website for a long time, but our expectations were high. We wanted it done the "Extreme Way" meaning, "built around our members". We wanted to highlight the success stories, share videos of member achievements, group classes, and so much more! if it wasn't for our members, we wouldn't be celebrating this milestone.

So here we are, "LIVE" and excited about how our new website turned out. We invite you to take a look, send in your testimonial, or if you're new to Extreme or CF 157, go grab your "7 DAY FREE PASS". You can seriously do it all online, even join our gym! We understand your time is valuable, so we did everything to make joining our 24hr gym a few steps easier.

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You can check out our new site at Drop us a line, join our online community and remember to subscribe.

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